An Invitation to
"Maple Leaf Theatre"

When we talk about North American Theatre,
our attention tends to be drawn to Broadway, New York.
However, Broadway is not the only North American theatre.
Across Canada and the United States
there exists a number of regional and alternative theatres
that produce interesting stages of high artistic quality.

Maple Leaf Theatre has been established by
Toyoshi (Yoshi) Yoshihara,
an award-winning play-script translator,
Takehisa (Tak) Kaiyama,
a veteran stage director of 40 year's experience,
to introduce Canadian and American contemporary plays hitherto unbeknown in Japan
to Japanese Theatre Professionals and Audiences.

Since its inception in 2000
Maple Leaf Theatre has presented ten productions
as shown in the "PAST PRODUCTIONS" page.

Also, Maple Leaf Theatre has in its inventory
more than 60 Canadian, American and British plays
translated into Japanese by Toyoshi Yoshihara.
Most of them can be made available for productions by outside theatre companies for a fee.

For further details, please see the following sub-pages.

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Reference Materials

T. Yoshihara's Translation Works
Canadian Plays Produced in Japan

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